With a rich history that stretches back to 1931, Niagara Block is a family-run company offering a full range of commercial and masonry products, building supplies and landscaping materials.

What started 80 years ago with Frank Grimo producing block with a hand-operated machine has grown to become a leader in the production of masonry products with a modern facility producing 10,000 blocks per day.  

At Niagara Block, blocks are made from local materials, blended and batched automatically, moulded by hydraulic equipment and cured in heated steam kilns. The quick-drying kiln process allows the blocks to be stacked the next day without fear of breakage. In addition to architectural and concrete masonry products, Niagara Block produces home building materials, cast products, specialty products, and offers a wide range of interlocking paving stone products.

We also produce or carry a full range of products that support environmentally-sound and LEEDS Certified construction, permeable paving stones, lightweight block and more.

Our products can be seen in developments across Niagara and beyond: from hotels and motels to wineries, to government and commercial buildings.

Our History …


  • Frank Grimo buys a hand-operated block machine from local contractor Joe Bell, hires Tony Cicconi and starts making block in a garage at the corner of Ferry Street and Stanley Avenue.
  • Frank buys a dump truck and establishes the company name “Frank Grimo.” He hauls materials from the sand pits on St. Paul and Mountain Road.
  • Frank moves to the corner of Ferry Street and Gladstone Avenue, and builds a shop for manufacturing block. He adds a tamping machine to mechanize the process, and is producing 125 blocks a day.


  • Frank forms the company “Niagara Block and Sand” with three partners: Frank, his son John and son-in-law George McKenna.


  • The company purchases three acres of land on Montrose Road – the company’s current location. A 5000 square-foot manufacturing plant is built, and a steam-curing kiln is added.
  • Automated mixing, rack loading, unloading and cubing are added to the manufacturing process, boosting production to 4000 units a day.


  • Son John purchases the company and renames it Niagara Block Limited.


  • The company employs more than 15 people with a fully-automated plant producing 8,000 units a day in various sizes. 



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