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Thin Veneer

Niagara Block offers a wide selection of thin veneer profiles for interior and exterior applications. Products are available in faux stone and natural stone veneer.

Brick and Stone

Whatever your project, if you require full bed brick and stone, we can help you find the best product for your job. Both man-made and natural stone options are available.


It’s all about the details. Niagara Block offers a wide array of accessory products to provide the perfect finishing touch. These include corner stones, sills, keystones, and window surrounds.

Masonry Cement

Find the right product for your job. We carry a wide selection of bagged masonry products including Portland Cement, and Masonry Type N and S. We also supply pre-mix products such as Concrete Mix, Parging Mix, Masonbond for cultured stone, and Type N and S Mortar.