Bulk and Bagged Materials

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Stone and Sand

We sell a variety of aggregates to meet your needs. Clear stone is commonly used under decks, for filling window wells, and for creating a French drain.

Traffic Bond is easily compacted to create a strong and stable base for interlock pavers, hot tubs, sheds, and for gravel driveways.

Screenings and High Performance Bedding are smaller in size and are typically used as the top levelling base.

We also carry fine brick sand and coarse concrete sand to mix with masonry cement.

Decorative Gravel

We supply River Rock ranging from 1” to 5” in size and ½” Pea Gravel. Both are great for accenting the perimeter of your landscaping.

Pea Gravel can also be used as a filler in between slabs and patio stones in your garden walkway, and river rock can be used in place of mulch in your garden bed.

We also carry Black Granite and White Dolomite by the bag.

Soil and Triple Mix

The Premium top soil we stock in our yard is a rich, black soil that is made with only compost and is sand and clay free.

Our Lawn Blend is a mix of 50% compost screened with bark fines, sandy loam and native topsoils.
Both topsoils are typically used for seeding, laying sod, and grading.

We also sell Triple Mix, which contains a mix of 80% compost screened with bark fines, sandy loam & native topsoils. Triple Mix is great for bulking up flower and vegetable gardens.


Mulch is one of the best ways to protect your soil and garden from excessive moisture loss, weed infestation, and dry roots. Organic mulch also decomposes over the season providing valuable nutrients to your plant base. We stock pine mulch that has been coloured with a dark black or brown water based, natural dye.

¾” Clear Stone

½” Clear Stone

¼” Clear Stone

High Performance Bedding

7/8” Traffic Bond

5/8” Traffic Bond


Pea Gravel

1”-2” River Rock

3”-5” River Rock

Black Granite

White Dolomite

Fine Sand

Coarse Sand

Premium Soil

Lawn Blend

Black Mulch

Brown Mulch